When BIB started off in 2012, we had a vision: we wanted to make cycling a simple, quick and enjoyable experience; we wanted to offer bikes and bike products at a reasonable price; and we wanted to bring those products and services directly to your door.

Sometimes, you need bike products and installations FAST: whether you realise it’s a beautiful day out and you just want your bike ready to go; or your bike got damaged on the road and you need it fixed to get home. We have options for roadside assistance with cars, but what about cycling assistance? This is where the option of delivering bike products and installing them makes sense. Our delivery and installation service will get you prepared for the road quickly, and will ensure you have everything you need to make your ride as safe and stress-free as possible. Not all of us care to be our own bike mechanics and not everyone has the ability (or the free time) to bring their bikes in for maintenance. If we could bring our services to you, and get you biking as soon as possible, we’ve done our job.

For those of you who’d like to pick up our products yourselves (and would rather skip our delivery and installation costs), we are conveniently located just 7 kilometres east of downtown Ottawa.

Now, let’s make your cycling experience an enjoyable one!

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